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What To Do If You Are Injured On Someone Else’s Property

If you are injured at someone else’s property – whether it is private or commercial – due to the negligence of the property owner, you may be able to pursue a premises liability claim. To give your suit the best chance of success, contact the personal injury attorney at Laputka, Bayless, Ecker & Cohn, PC, in Hazleton. We are always ready to go to court for our clients, but we are also skilled negotiators and can often help you gain a fair settlement that will take care of your injury-related expenses and your present and future care needs.

Steps To Take After A Premises Liability Accident

  1. Document what happened. Take pictures of the location of the accident. If you fell over debris or didn’t see an unmarked step down, take a photo. Get contact details (phone, email, mailing addresses, names) of all potential witnesses to the incident.
  2. Get medical attention promptly. This is essential to providing a medical opinion on the cause and severity of your injuries.
  3. Report the accident to the property owner/operator. Let the owner or manager of the property know what happened, and encourage them to report it as per their company guidelines (if it is a commercial property).
  4. Do not sign anything or give official statements. After making your report, DO NOT take the blame for the accident or discuss responsibility with the property owner.
  5. Keep evidence of your accident – and do not share it. Do not share your accident photos on social media. Keep the clothes you were wearing as potential evidence. Create a video or written journal of your post-accident condition, detailing how the injury is impacting your life, and the treatment you have received.
  6. Contact an experienced personal injury lawyer. Your attorney can communicate with the other party in the lawsuit, help you file your claim, and ensure you get the treatment you need.

Aggressive Representation To Ensure Fair Compensation

At Laputka, Bayless, Ecker & Cohn, PC, our attorney will fight for all the compensation you need to face the future with confidence. Call us in Hazleton at 570-861-5905 or use our online contact form to set up an appointment. We work with clients throughout northeast Pennsylvania, including northeastern Pennsylvania corridor, Wilkes-Barre, Scranton and Allentown.