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Hazleton Probate Litigation Lawyer

It is not uncommon for problems to arise during the process of settling an estate. When the problems involve cooperative parties (such as siblings who stay focused on the common good), these challenges may be resolved through negotiations and legal maneuvers.

On the other hand, sometimes the parties involved do not reach agreements. They become legal opponents headed for disputes or litigation such as:

  • Will contests
    • Claims that the deceased person was under duress or under undue influence when writing or signing a will
    • Disputes between a new spouse and children from a previous marriage, for example
  • Trust-related disputes
    • Breach of fiduciary duty claims
    • Challenges to trustees’ qualifications or performance
  • Disputes involving business partners
  • Litigation originating with creditors
  • Real estate-related complications
  • Claims that executors have failed to distribute property as specified

Whatever the nature of the complications you have encountered or may soon encounter in connection with the settlement of an estate that you have an interest in, Laputka, Bayless, Ecker & Cohn, PC, can advise you. We have extensive estate planning, probate administration and civil litigation experience. We understand your interest in containing legal costs while also protecting your rights and interests.

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Perhaps you are not involved in an estate-related dispute yet — and you hope to avoid problems before they may occur. Often, probate litigation can be prevented through solid estate planning. Do you need advice from a Hazleton probate litigation lawyer? You may need a Pennsylvania estate planning lawyer to create or update a will.

Protect your family and your legacy by contacting us before your family members encounter unnecessary legal complications someday. “Someday” has a way of coming up unexpectedly for many people. Whatever the stage or status of your estate matter, email us or call us at 570-861-5905 to learn how our Hazleton probate litigation attorneys can help.