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Hazleton Probate Administration Lawyer

Do not be surprised if you encounter obstacles or complications as you move your family member’s estate through the probate process. It is more common than you might realize. This is why probate administration can actually be a good thing — a way to overcome difficulties involved in settling an estate. A knowledgeable probate administration attorney’s experienced guidance is invaluable.

Laputka, Bayless, Ecker & Cohn, PC, has a strong reputation in estate planning, as well as in probate administration. Second and third generations of families in and around Hazleton turn with confidence to our Pennsylvania estate administration law firm for help.

We can advise you on real estate, trusts, investment accounts and other kinds of property that need to be settled and distributed after the passing of a loved one. We can help address problems that may arise with regard to creditors. We are always aiming to handle any will contest or other variety of probate litigation as favorably to our client as possible while keeping a lid on legal fees.

We understand that you and other family members are likely interested in settling the estate expeditiously. We guide our probate clients with this goal in mind. We can advise on all matters related to distribution of assets after the death of a family member.

Our advice and assistance during the probate administration process includes keeping the personal representative (executor) informed of his or her duties.

Pennsylvania Probate Attorney to Watch Out for Your Legal Needs

Do you need a Hazleton probate administration attorney to help with the settling of an estate? Do you need a Pennsylvania estate planning lawyer to create or update a will? Email us or call us at 570-861-5905 to discuss our services and how we can help you.