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Business Formation Attorneys in Northeastern Pennsylvania

Experienced Counsel for All Aspects of Planning and Startup

The foundation of your business is just as integral to success as what you are selling. From entity selection and ownership structure to contracts and agreements with other parties, solid decisions on the front end will pay dividends later.

Laputka, Bayless, Ecker & Cohn, PC, provides comprehensive business formation and business planning services. We advise entrepreneurs and businesses evaluating reorganization in Luzerne County, Schuylkill County, Carbon County and throughout northeastern Pennsylvania.

A Comprehensive, Practical Approach to Business Formation

We walk clients through entity selection and planning considerations, along with the nuts and bolts of incorporation and startup. We address every facet of organizing as a limited liability company (LLC), corporation (S-corp), limited liability partnership (LLP), family limited partnership (FLP), sole proprietorship or other variations.

Led in our business law practice by Robert S. Sensky, an attorney with 25 years of experience including service as corporate counsel for a Fortune 500 company, our established capabilities cover:

  • Operating/shareholder/partnership agreements
  • Incorporation documents and bylaws
  • Licenses and regulatory compliance
  • Contingencies and exit strategy (death, buyout, transfer, new members, succession, etc.)
  • Financing terms
  • Commercial lease or purchase agreement
  • Employee agreements
  • Contracts and agreements with customers and vendors

Hands-On, Insightful Business Planning and Consulting

Our law practice is grounded in preventive law. We try to help clients anticipate potential conflicts and address them in contracts and agreements, rather than the distraction and expense of disputes and litigation. We provide both business planning and ongoing counsel to protect client interests as the business grows, changes and encounters new challenges.

Prior to entering a contract, for example, we walk clients through the fine print and projected scenarios. Are there hidden liabilities? Does it protect your rights? Does it contain practical remedies if the other party breaches the contract? Is it enforceable?

We also help clients plan for and execute expansion, reorganization, key hires and major and minor transactions, and address any legal issues that arise in the course of conducting business.

Trust Our Decades of Relevant Experience and Emphasis on Results

Our law firm in Hazleton has provided quality legal services to diverse business and real estate clients for six decades. Email us or call 570-861-5905 to discuss your startup venture or other business law concerns directly with a dedicated lawyer.