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October 2013 Archives

Cirque du Soleil will appeal OSHA citations

Pennsylvania fans of the Cirque du Soleil performances might take interest in hearing that it plans to appeal the six citations that it was issued by OSHA in connection to a performer's death. A performer fell 94 feet to her death back in June during a live performance of 'Ka" in Las Vegas. OSHA stated that a wire rope she was suspended from severed as she was rapidly descending.

Pennsylvania building collapse architect due in court

The architect involved in the demolition of a building that resulted in the deaths of six individuals in a neighboring store has been subpoenaed to appear in court. The workplace accident that killed employees of a thrift shop occurred as a tall brick wall fell on the facility during the demolition. The architect has been asked to turn over related documents and has partially complied. However, his lawyer has cited the Fifth Amendment and his client's right to avoid self-incrimination with respect to the remaining documents requested.

Construction worker in Pennsylvania hospitalized

A construction worker involved in a central Pennsylvania construction project was airlifted to a hospital after a piece of construction equipment fell on top of him on the morning of Oct. 10. According to Susquehanna Township fire officials, the man had been working on a bridge construction project when a 36,000-pound trackhoe excavator fell on him.

Pennsylvania worker trapped following construction accident

On Oct. 2, the Reading Fire Department worked to extricate a construction worker who had temporarily been trapped under a significant quantity of building debris. The man had been working on repairing a drainage system inside a carport on Mineral Spring Road when the rear wall of the structure fell down and landed on top of him. His lower body was trapped for more than 35 minutes.

Nurses prone to workplace injuries

Nurses and other medical workers in Pennsylvania such as orderlies and aides are more prone to musculoskeletal injuries than any other occupation, and the risk of workplace injury caused in many cases by having to lift patients is increasing. While the Occupational Safety and Health Administration publishes safety standards for other occupations, the agency has not yet published standards for nurses.