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Construction worker in Pennsylvania hospitalized

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2013 | Firm News

A construction worker involved in a central Pennsylvania construction project was airlifted to a hospital after a piece of construction equipment fell on top of him on the morning of Oct. 10. According to Susquehanna Township fire officials, the man had been working on a bridge construction project when a 36,000-pound trackhoe excavator fell on him.

The man’s legs were pinned underneath the excavator and other materials. Consequently, it took rescue crews approximately 20 minutes to dig him out from beneath the rubble. He was transported to the hospital following the accident, but there was no word on his condition at last report. However, should he partially recover, he could have the option of pursuing a workers’ compensation claim against his employer in connection with the workplace accident.

The worker could potentially receive reimbursement for the hospital bills and other medical expenses that he incurred as a result of the workplace accident. He might also be able to receive compensation for the wages that he lost due to time missed from work. If the man does receive workers’ compensation benefits, however, in exchange for the benefits, he waives his right to file a lawsuit against his employer to seek compensation for pain and suffering or any other punitive damages.

A workers’ compensation attorney might be able to help the man evaluate the circumstances surrounding his accident to help him determine whether it would be in his best interest to file a workers’ compensation claim. In order for a worker to receive compensation, the worker doesn’t have to prove that the accident was due to any negligence on his or her employer’s part.

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