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Will your brain injury fully heal?

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2024 | Personal Injury

Many different injuries will fully heal if they are just given enough time. If you get into a car accident and break your leg, there could be complications like an infection, but odds are that it will just heal and you’ll be able to walk again in a few months.

With a traumatic brain injury, however, this doesn’t always happen. That’s not to say that you won’t see any healing. But you may only see healing at the beginning, which seems to stall out before you are fully healed. In some cases, you may be left with symptoms that doctors tell you are never going to go away, and you just have to adjust to this as your new normal.

Creating new brain cells

Much of the difference is in the way that various parts of your body heal. In many areas, your body can create replacement cells to make up for those that were lost. Red blood cells are created in the bone marrow, for example, so someone who has lost a significant amount of blood can slowly regain it over time.

But people are often born with the full number of neurons that they’re going to have in their life. The brain can only create new brain cells in very limited situations. Even then, it can only happen in certain parts of the brain.

In other words, your symptoms may not heal because your brain can’t replace cells that were killed during the traumatic brain injury. All it can do is look for new neural pathways, and it may not always find them.

Seeking compensation

For you, this means that it’s very important to seek full compensation for all of the costs that you’re facing. Take the time to look into your legal options.