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July 2013 Archives

New program focuses on ergonomics in healthcare

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration reported on July 18 that workers in the healthcare field in Pennsylvania will benefit from a new focus on using ergonomics to help keep them safe. Employees in the industry suffer from musculoskeletal disorders more often than workers in any other field, especially those who work at assisted-living facilities. Some of the workplace injuries include pulled muscles, soft tissue injuries and sprains.

Pennsylvania is a safer place to work than some states

Pennsylvania may not be the safest place to work, but it's also not the most dangerous, according to a report by Allsup, a firm that provides Social Security disability insurance. Maine is the most dangerous place to work, while New York and the nation's capitol are the safest.

Accidents are common at construction sites

One of the hardest and most dangerous jobs any Pennsylvania resident can take is one in the construction industry. Construction workers are around heavy machinery and tools that can cause injuries; many workers face injury on the job. In many cases, the worker or his or her family are left in the aftermath struggling to make ends meet.

Philadelphia school employee struck by lightning

An employee at a suburban Philadelphia reform school was apparently injured in a lightning strike while working outdoors on a baseball field. The workplace accidenttook place in Glen Mills, an area south of Philadelphia, when the worker was performing maintenance on the school's outdoor field. Lightning apparently struck the worker, rendering him unconscious.