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Common causes of rollover truck accidents

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Semi-trucks take great care to handle. Truckers need a special CDL license to drive one. If a trucker mishandles their vehicle, it could roll over leading to a serious or even fatal truck crash.

2020 was a deadly year for truck accidents

In 2020 alone, 4,014 individuals lost their lives in large truck crashes. This represents a 28% increase in truck accident fatalities compared to 2009, when truck accident fatalities were at their lowest. In total, 10% of all motor vehicle accident fatalities in 2020 can be attributed to a large truck crash. A common type of truck accidents are rollover crashes.

Common causes of rollover truck accidents

Many rollover truck accidents are caused by driver error. For example, if a trucker does not slow down on on-ramps and off-ramps, they risk taking the curve too fast and rolling over. Oversteering and understeering a semi-truck can also lead to a rollover accident.

Improperly secured loads can also cause rollovers. Improperly maintained trucks are also prone to rollover crashes, especially if the brakes are in need of repair or replacement.

Other times a rollover truck crash is due to truckers simply not paying attention to the task of driving. They may be distracted or drowsy, causing them to not pay attention to their surroundings or causing them to fall asleep at the wheel. A sudden direction change can also lead to rollover truck accident.

Truck accidents can be deadly

Truck accidents are serious affairs. The sheer size of a semi-truck often means that a collision with the truck can cause fatalities. If you are injured in a truck accident or lose a loved one in a truck accident, you will want to learn more about the possibility of filing a personal injury lawsuit to pursue the compensation you deserve.