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November 2014 Archives

Railroad-track company cited for worker death in Ohio

A subsidiary of Reading company Vossloh North America received seven citations for an accident that occurred in the company's Cleveland manufacturing plant. The Cleveland subsidiary manufactures railroad tracks. The incident, which occurred on Aug. 21, killed a 45-year-old worker who was trying to adjust a set screw on a rolling mill while working in the manufacturing plant.

Pennsylvania workplace fatalities

Every year, Pennsylvanians lose their lives as a result of work-related accidents. When such an accident occurs, the families of those who are killed due to a work accident may wonder if they can seek compensation for the loss of their loved one. Pennsylvania's workers' compensation law provides that the families of employees who are killed in a work-related accident may be able to recover compensation.

Worker's compensation in Pennsylvania

Employees in Pennsylvania may benefit from learning more about worker's compensation and the remedies available for injuries suffered at the job. While many injured employees are able to receive worker's compensation, many face challenges when returning to work. Injured employees may return to work voluntarily, or an insurer or employer may determine that the worker is fit to return to their occupation. When an employer believes a worker is fit to return to work, the employee may be subject to an independent medical exam.