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Pennsylvania utility worker killed in accident

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2014 | Firm News

A workplace fatality occurred in Upper Chichester, Pennsylvania, on the morning of Oct. 9. The victim’s identity has not been released at this time, but initial reports indicate that he was pronounced dead at the scene. According to authorities, the worker was about 50 feet in the air working on power lines. At around 7:30 a.m., he fell from the bucket truck for unspecified reasons.

The man was an employee of Lenni Electric, a private company that maintains street lights for the Delaware County township. An investigation by the local police department is pending to determine the cause of the accident. The fatal incident occurred in the area of Winding Way.

Some jobs carry an inherent safety risk, but employers may be able to put protective measures in place in order to prevent accidents. In this case, a bucket truck was used to keep the man safe while he worked on the lines. However, machinery should be inspected regularly to ensure that it is in good working condition and does not pose its own risks. Additionally, all employees expected to use the machinery should be thoroughly trained on the equipment to avoid a work-related injury or fatality.

Regardless of violations that may be delivered should police or OSHA discover errors in protocol, an employer does need to be found negligent in order for the family of a deceased worker to file a worker’s compensation claim. Said action should be done within a timely manner, but the documentation may be excessive and difficult to navigate in a time of grieving. An attorney experienced in the laws behind workers’ compensation may be able to offer assistance.

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