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September 2014 Archives

Worker electrocuted preparing for home roof repair job

One Pennsylvania worker was fatally electrocuted and another injured in a roofing accident that occurred at about 9 a.m. on Sept. 26 in Havertown. The men were employed by a Springfield roofing company to work on a house project on Winton Street.

PennDOT truck rolls off road injuring 3 workers

Around 1:15 p.m. on Sept. 18, a Pennsylvania Department of Transportation trucked rolled off the side of a road about 25 miles northwest of Pittsburgh, injuring three workers. The driver explained to the Brighton Township police that the truck rolled off the side of the road after the road collapsed underneath it.

Federal agencies and workplace safety

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, approximately 165,000 civilian federal employees in Pennsylvania and nationwide became ill or injured on the job in fiscal year 2004. This led to more than $2.3 billion in workers' compensation bills. That amount increased to more than $3 billion in 2012 with nearly two-thirds of it paid as wage-loss compensation.

Semi-truck strikes maintenance worker on turnpike

A semi-truck ran into a highway maintenance worker on Sept. 3, sending the individual to the hospital. Pennsylvania State Police report that the 11 a.m. crash happened around mile marker 327 on the turnpike near the King of Prussia interchange.

Loose sharps pose risk to sanitation workers in Pennsylvania

Every day, millions of people in the U.S. use disposable injection syringes, better known as sharps, in their offices or homes for the treatment of their chronic medical conditions. The incorrect disposal of those discarded needles could present a serious health risk to sanitation workers who could get stuck by one. A used needle could possibly expose them to dangerous diseases, like hepatitis or HIV.

Who may be liable for a construction injury?

Construction work remains among the most dangerous occupations, in Pennsylvania and across the U.S., and injured workers often have questions regarding which persons or entities may have liability for their injuries. As a general rule, liability depends on a party's control over the work being performed at the time of injury and over the premises where the work is being done.