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July 2014 Archives

Chemical Safety Board releases report of December 2010 explosion

Pennsylvania residents may have noted the findings released on July 16 by U.S. Chemical Safety Board investigators regarding a fire and explosion that took place in a recycling plant in December 2010. AL Solutions operated a small plant in Cumberland, West Virginia, that processed titanium and zirconium, highly flammable materials, into compact pieces to be used as alloy additives. In the report, the CSB notes that federal regulators, state inspectors and company officials failed to act on previous recommendations to improve workplace safety.

Temporary workers face greater risk of injury

On Feb. 25, 2013, a temporary worker at a sugar plant in Pennsylvania was killed when he slipped into a hopper full of sugar. He was trying to get rid of clumps when the accident occurred. Thirteen days before the incident, the plant removed a screen designed for worker safety because it was believed to make production slower.

1 person killed, 8 injured at GM plant explosion

An employee of a Pennsylvania firm was killed in work-related accident at a General Motors plant in the Midwest. The explosion, which occurred on July 1 at 1:50 p.m. in a factory in Indiana, also injured eight other people. Four of the injured people received non-life-threatening injuries. Four others were taken to the hospital but required no treatment and were released.