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Pennsylvania Construction Zones: Summer Season Starting

On Behalf of | May 2, 2012 | Firm News

Construction injuries can take many forms. Falls from scaffolding, ladder collapses and job-related vehicle accidents are only some of the ways that construction workers can get hurt on the job.

These accidents can happen at any time of year. But Pennsylvania workplace injury lawyers are well aware that the summer construction season is about to kick off in the Keystone State and across the country.

That’s why last week was National Work-Zone Awareness Week. The message of that week remains valid throughout the year. The chief operating officer of the PA Turnpike, Craig Shuey, urges drivers to “decelerate and concentrate” in work zones.

“Remember,” he said, “if you encounter orange signs, cones or barrels, you are driving in an area where people are working to make the highway safer. Please give them the considerations of reducing your speed and focusing on driving.”

Over the years, 32 employees of the Pennsylvania Turnpike have been killed on the job. Most of these fatal accidents occurred in work zones.

Turnpike officials do not want that number to increase, or for other injuries to occur. But an ambitious construction season is planned, and about 4,000 construction and maintenance employees will be out working – many of them right along the road.

The state highway patrol plans to do its part by enforcing work-zone restrictions under the state vehicle code. In addition to reducing speed, these include turning headlights on and avoiding tailgating.

When injuries or fatalities do occur, injured construction workers are not necessarily limited to a workers’ compensation claim. If a motorist was negligent in causing an accident, it may also be possible to pursue what is known as a third-party claim against that motorist.

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