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Stay safer while driving over the summer months

On Behalf of | May 27, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

As we head into the upcoming holiday weekend that kicks off the unofficial start of summer 2024, it’s a good time to remind Pennsylvania residents that they should be aware of the dangers of the “100 Days of Summer.”

That’s the moniker given to the roughly hundred days that span Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day. The halcyon days of summer bring with them a unique set of hazards residents don’t experience during the other nine months of the year.

What makes these months so deadly?

A major factor is that schools are out, spilling children out into the street. They ride skateboards and bikes or play pick-up ball games on the corner. Motorcyclists also come out in droves, often convening for motorcycle club rides to distant parts of the state. Unfortunately, all can become tragic targets for negligent drivers.

During the hot summer months, the roads and interstates get gridlocked with families traveling on vacations, and more teen drivers are navigating the highways on their ways to summer jobs and fun times with friends. More cars and trucks on the roads mean there are more opportunities for collisions with others.

Road construction kicks into high gear

Pennsylvania summers are the ideal time for making road repairs to the damage caused by Northern winters. Even though the agencies provide clear signage, and the workers are clad in high-visibility orange vests, reckless and impaired drivers still pose perils to highway crews.

Be prepared after a car accident injures you

No one wants to contemplate getting into a serious accident. But these wrecks happen all-too-frequently, and especially during the summer. If you suffer injuries in a collision with an at-fault driver, learn more about your right to seek compensation for any damages you may have.