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Semi-trucks have longer stopping distances 

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

If you’re driving an average car, it probably needs about 300 feet to stop. This is roughly the length of an American football field. There can be some variation, depending on certain factors like how well the brakes have been maintained or whether or not the road surface is slick. But 300 feet is a good estimation of how long it takes a vehicle to stop at normal highway speeds, something that drivers need to be aware of when focusing on safety.

That being said, semi-trucks have longer stopping distances. They could be around the length of two football fields. Some reports claim that the average is right around 525 feet. But, once again, this can even be extended if the driver is distracted, the road is wet, the truck isn’t in perfect condition or other issues impact the stopping ability of the truck.

How this can lead to accidents

It’s important for drivers who are near semi-trucks to be aware of these longer stopping distances so that they don’t accidentally cut trucks off at red lights. This sometimes happens because the driver will think there is space to merge in front of the truck, but the truck driver is actually slowing down and counting on having the full distance to do so.

But it’s also crucial for truck drivers to remember that their vehicles are going to take an extra long time to stop. This is why driver distraction is such a major issue. If it delays that braking process at all, it could lead to a serious rear-end accident. A truck driver could find themselves in a position where a crash is inevitable because they just don’t have enough time to stop the truck.

Semi-truck accidents can lead to fatalities and severe injuries. Those who have been hurt need to know how to seek financial compensation for medical bills and other costs.