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Proposed law would increase scrutiny on distracted driving

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Distracted driving is consistently referenced as a cause of auto accidents in Pennsylvania and across the nation for a good reason: too many drivers are using their handheld devices behind the wheel. To address that, legislators and law enforcement are striving for strategies to reduce the practice and make the roads safer.

Despite the clear evidence as to how many crashes are caused by distracted driving, it still happens with a worrisome frequency. Recently, lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle again pushed for laws that would restrict cellphone use while driving. Even if it passes, drivers, passengers, pedestrians and anyone on the road must be cognizant of the risk and know their options if they are in a collision.

Cellphone use would be more limited under the new law

According to lawmakers who are advancing the bill, the current laws are ineffective at preventing texting and driving. As it stands, drivers cannot send, read or write messages while driving. That includes texting, sending emails and other methods of communication. However, drivers can dial a number when driving. This makes it almost impossible to enforce.

With the new law, anyone who is holding a cellphone in any way while driving would be subject to a fine of $100. The objective is to change people’s behavior so they do not drive while using their handheld device.

Given the sheer number of distracted driving accidents across the nation, this problem is not going away. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration provided statistics, saying that 8% of all road fatalities and 14% of accidents in general that were reported to law enforcement involved some form of distraction.

After a distracted driving accident, it is essential to have experienced help

People have gotten so accustomed to being connected via cellphone that they forget the level of risk when using the device behind the wheel. They believe they can safely multitask. Unfortunately, given how many distracted driving accidents happen, they are mistaken.

When there is an auto accident of any kind, there is a good chance that it was due to a distracted driver. Medical bills, lost wages, the need for long-term care and the personal ramifications can be enormous.

Knowing if it was due to distracted driving can be fundamental to a successful case. Those who were hurt or lost a loved one must be aware of the available steps to recover compensation. Calling for advice from qualified professionals is imperative.