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What are your options after a work-related accident?

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2022 | Personal Injury

Many people in Hazelton and the greater Scranton and Wilkes-Barre areas work in jobs that require them to be in dangerous conditions

For example, those who work at construction sites or for one of the many factories in the area have to be around heavy machinery and use potentially dangerous tools.

There is also frequently a lot of motor vehicle traffic and other movement of heavy equipment at these work sites. Workers frequently work from heights or around electrical currents.

Many Pennsylvanians who work in these jobs suffer serious injuries in workplace accidents. These victims will need to understand their legal options for recovering compensation for medical bills, lost income and other losses.

Workers’ compensation benefits may be available for injured employees

If an employee gets hurt on the job, then they should consider filing a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. Most Pennsylvania employers must have insurance coverage or other means to pay these benefits.

Workers’ compensation pays for medical bills and a portion of an injured worker’s lost income. However, these benefits do not cover all damages. For example, workers’ compensation does not pay for a victim’s pain and suffering.

An injured worker might not be able to sue their employer for additional damages so long as the employer pays workers’ compensation. However, this does not mean the victim has no other options to get the additional compensation they deserve.

Depending on the situation, victims may have a third-party liability claim

Victims may be able to hold other responsible parties liable to recover compensation for their losses.

It may be surprising how often someone besides the victim’s employer is legally responsible for the victim’s injuries.

To give just one common example, a highway construction worker hurt in a motor vehicle accident while on the job may recover additional compensation, including damages for pain and suffering, from the negligent driver.

After a Pennsylvania construction or industrial accident, a victim or the family should evaluate whether they might be able to pursue compensation from other parties.