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Avoiding construction accidents

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2014 | Firm News

Pennsylvania businesses looking to prevent construction accidents may benefit from taking proactive steps to ensure workplace safety. There are nearly 150,000 injuries at construction sites each year. Businesses can help to mitigate the chance of injury by following five crucial steps.

First, it may be beneficial to invest in training for on-site staff. If a business does not train its workers yet expects them to operate heavy machinery, injuries may be more prevalent. Businesses should also inspect heavy machinery regularly. Machines require maintenance to ensure they are working properly, and a broken machine may result in serious incidents that cause harm to workers.

While deadlines may be important, a business’s focus should always remain on safety. Rushing through tasks might increase the risk of a worker suffering an injury. In addition, taking time with projects may also limit distractions, which might also help ensure a safe workplace. It is also important for workplaces to say vigilant and communicate effectively. Setting procedures that promote safety may not be effective if those standards are not communicated to on-site workers in a way that is easy to understand and remember, and reviewing the latest protocols may help businesses and works avoid accidents.

Despite any steps that workers and businesses might take to avoid on-site injuries, accidents may still occur. However, when an employee suffers damages, they may be covered by the employer’s workers’ compensation plan. Workers’ compensation benefits are typically available to any employee and may cover losses that stem from an accident that occurred at work. Because the process does not require a worker to demonstrate that an employer was at fault, the claims process may seem relatively simply. However, certain factors may complicate eligibility and the size of payouts. Those who wish to file a claim may benefit from retaining the services of a lawyer who might guide them through the process.

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