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Pennsylvania construction worker dies in accident

On Behalf of | May 13, 2014 | Firm News

A man who was working at a construction site in Somerset County lost his life on May 5. The workplace injury occurred after a concrete barrier fell on him.

The accident occurred as a construction crew was in the process of installing concrete manholes on Park Street in Ursina. The workers had almost finished their work day when a large concrete barrier fell down on top of a man from Bedford. This caused him to be pinned underneath the concrete firm. His coworkers were able to eventually free the man by using a crane that lifted the concrete off of him. A volunteer fire department lieutenant said that the coworkers attempted to do everything possible in order to save him. Authorities reported that the coworkers’ efforts were heroic and that the incident was simply an accident. The volunteer fire department lieutenant released the information to the public and one of the responders spoke with the media after the accident.

Individuals who work in the construction industry can be at an increased risk of being injured. The construction industry can be dangerous due to the possibility of a person being injured in a machinery accident, electrical accident, forklift accident or defective power tool accident. Employees who work at a higher elevation may also be at a risk of sustaining a construction worker accident due to a ladder fall or scaffolding fall.

When a construction worker sustains an injury while on the job, the workers’ compensation program may be available to help. Workers’ compensation provides partial wage replacement and provides for medical bills associated with the accident. If a person dies in a workplace accident, workers’ compensation may provide a lump-sum payment for a deceased worker’s remaining survivors.

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