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Acid explosion burns 2 Pennsylvania workers

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2013 | Firm News

Two workers were taken to Capital Health Regional Medical Center in Trenton after they were injured in a nitric acid explosion on Nov. 7 that occurred at the denture manufacturing facility in which they were employed. The facility is located on the former grounds of U.S. Steel near Falls Township.

The explosion happened as the workers poured acid into a five-gallon pail from a container. Both workers suffered burn injuries to their upper bodies and airways. According to authorities, neither was wearing any protective gear aside from gloves when the chemicals exploded. After the explosion, some workers took one of the injured employees to a nearby emergency sink in an attempt to wash off the chemical; however, firefighters found the second worker outside. Both workers are expected to recover from their workplace injuries.

Authorities did not request a hazmat crew; however, firefighters stayed on the scene for nearly an hour after the accident, checked the air quality and decontaminated the scene. Shortly thereafter, workers were allowed back into the facility using protective gear to ward off any continuing effects. Authorities are still trying to determine the reason behind the chemical explosion.

Workplace accidents are unfortunate, especially if they result in injuries. Worker’s compensation should pay for any medical bills as well as compensate for wages not earned while the workers are recovering from their injuries. However, chemical burns can have lasting negative effects. If the airway burns result in permanent damage, the workers may be disabled. A worker’s compensation lawyer may help injured workers with filing claims.

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