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August 2013 Archives

Pennsylvania man injured in CSX railyard

A resident of Pennsylvania is suing CSX Transportation, his employer, for injuries he sustained from falling into a sunken bit of ground in the parking lot while on the job. In August 2011, the man was walking from a walkway to the parking lot when he fell into the dip in the ground that was obscured from view. The man claims that he did not see the variation to the walking surface because it was hidden by a rail at the end of the walkway. After stepping into the depression, the plaintiff attempted to break his fall by extending his arm and hand.

Pennsylvania worker injury rate higher than average

According to Allsup, a provider of Social Security Disability Insurance representation, Pennsylvania's rate for workplace injuries is higher than the national average. Pennsylvania's injury rate is 0.8 injuries requiring at least a temporary job transfer or restrictions per 100 workers, while the national average is 0.7 injuries. Maine has the nation's highest rate at 1.4 injuries or illnesses for every 100 workers.

Pennsylvania tree-trimmer killed in workplace accident

A tree-trimmer who worked for a subcontractor of an electric utility company was killed on the job on Saturday, July 28, 2013, in Bethlehem. The maintenance occurs there annually in advance of a local music festival. While he was trimming along the towpath underneath the Minsi Trail Bridge, the man struck a high-voltage power line, causing his truck to catch on fire. According to a PPL spokesman, the man either fell or jumped into the Lehigh river.

Pennsylvania worker critically injured in home renovation blast

A worker performing cosmetic work during a three-home renovation in South Philadelphia was critically injured in an explosion at one of the homes. The accident occurred on July 26 at 428 Daly St. The home where the blast occurred was one of three row houses undergoing extensive electrical, plumbing, heating and construction work.