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January 2013 Archives

Debit card payments for workers' compensation: system tweaked

If you suffer a workplace injury, it is important that you get the workers' compensation you are eligible for. Regardless of how your work injury occurred - a construction accident, a repetitive stress injury, fall or in some other way - workers' comp benefits are important to help make ends meet.

The effects of fracking on worker health: research underway

It's been several months since we wrote about health risks to workers whose job are in the fracking industry. In our September 13 post, we discussed the dangers of exposure to silica sand. Such exposure can lead to chronic silicosis, which can take years to develop.

Lab workers at risk of injuries from unsafe conditions

The very word "laboratory" comes from the Latin word for work. And indeed, in our society based to such a degree on science and various forms of research, many people work in research labs all week long - and are often put at risk of workplace injuries and illnesses.

After losing arm in work accident, man gets it reattached

Loss of limb, a partial amputation, or the loss of use of a body part - all of these are major challenges. The workers' compensation term that usually applies - "specific loss" - does not fully convey the hard reality involved in coping with these injuries.

Going back to work: the role of return-to-work programs

Workers' compensation benefits, in Pennsylvania or any other state, are intended to help injured workers who are able to do return to work. This post will provide an overview of return-to-work (RTW) programs in Pennsylvania.