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October 2012 Archives

No change in workplace injury and illness rates

There is plenty of change in American life. The technological revolution continues to unfold, profoundly changing many jobs. Plus, global competition is increasingly a major challenge. As a result, sometimes it seems like businesses are constantly restructuring.

Insomnia as a cause of workplace accidents

People can get injured on the job for many different reasons. Sometimes the cause is defective products. Another common cause, however, is careless conduct by co-workers. And to a much greater degree than has previously been realized, much of that carelessness has to do with lack of restful sleep - resulting in people who come to work tired and accident-prone.

Warehouse work: forklifts, carbon monoxide and other dangers

Warehouse work can be dangerous to employees in many different ways. Most obvious, of course, is the constant traffic of forklifts that bustle back and forth carrying various packages and pallets.

Pennsylvania doctor uses acupuncture to reduce pain

In our previous post, we wrote about the risks of overusing narcotic painkillers when recovering from work injuries. In this post, we will discuss a trend toward the use of an alternative treatment that can potentially eliminate that risk: the use of acupuncture.