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Construction Safety Initiative Underway in Northeastern Pennsylvania

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2012 | Firm News

What can be done to prevent accidents that cause injuries on construction sites, especially summer work season heats sup?

After all, injuries caused by construction accidents are not only among the most common types of workers’ compensation claims. Such accidents can also be fatal.

Underway now in Northeastern Pennsylvania is a Construction Incident Prevention Initiative, led by the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The OSHA initiative is set to last for the rest of the summer.

The goal of the initiative is to prevent injuries and fatalities on construction sites. Falls, electrocutions and machinery accidents are far too common on such sites.

The safety initiative will begin with a survey of construction sites by officials from OSHA’s Wilkes-Barre office. The effort will span 20 different counties and last until September. The purpose is to detect anything that could be a hazard on a construction site.

According to OSHA, there were 46 fatalities from falls on Pennsylvania construction sites in 2010. There were also 36 deaths from contract with dangerous equipment or other objects. Overall, statewide, OSHA counted 221 deaths due to work-related injuries in Pennsylvania in 2010.

It is of course very important for employers to be committed to safety. One construction manager, Bob Frankelli, said his business is onboard with the OSHA initiative.

“Safety is a priority on our list,” he said. “We inform our employees via pamphlets, committee meetings, tool box talks, [and] OHSA compliance training.”

To be sure, there are lots of rules. But they are there for a reason: to prevent injuries and deaths.

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