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June 2012 Archives

Pennsylvania Metal Recycler Faces Fines for Exposing Workers to Lead and Arsenic

The dangers of lead have been known at least since the early days of the Roman Empire. Arsenic, too, has a well-documented history as a poisonous substance. Cadmium is increasingly known as such a substance as well.

Armed Standoff in Doylestown is Reminder of Law Enforcement Job Dangers

By any measure, law enforcement officers have one of the most dangerous jobs there is. Nationally, 134 police and sheriff's patrol officers were killed on the job in 2010. Nonfatal injuries are also very common.

Painkillers Are Often Overused to Treat Workplace Injuries

When someone gets hurt on the job, doctors are sometimes too quick to prescribe powerful drugs to treat the symptoms of those injuries. These strong painkillers, which include drugs such as OxyContin, Percocet and Duragesic, may hurt more than help the injured worker.

Carpal Tunnel Can Occur on Construction Sites as Well as in Offices

Carpal tunnel injuries do not only affect office workers and grocery store clerks. Construction workers and others who perform heavy labor are also definitely at risk of this type of job-related injury.