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Industrial Workers' Compensation Archives

Garbage collector killed on the job

A Pennsylvania garbage collector was killed at the beginning of his shift on Oct. 13. The fatal injury happened in Pittsburgh while the 29-year-old man sat in his parked vehicle in the area where refuse employees park while waiting for his coworkers to pick him up . At about 7 a.m., the man was shot to death by an assailant who has not yet been identified.

PennDOT truck rolls off road injuring 3 workers

Around 1:15 p.m. on Sept. 18, a Pennsylvania Department of Transportation trucked rolled off the side of a road about 25 miles northwest of Pittsburgh, injuring three workers. The driver explained to the Brighton Township police that the truck rolled off the side of the road after the road collapsed underneath it.

Lack of supervision blamed for fatal gas well explosion

In a report they released on Aug. 6, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection concluded that a fatal gas well explosion was caused by the actions of an untrained and unsupervised contract worker. The explosion in Green County resulted in the death of another worker, a 27-year-old man from Warren who was expecting a baby with his girlfriend.

Temporary workers face greater risk of injury

On Feb. 25, 2013, a temporary worker at a sugar plant in Pennsylvania was killed when he slipped into a hopper full of sugar. He was trying to get rid of clumps when the accident occurred. Thirteen days before the incident, the plant removed a screen designed for worker safety because it was believed to make production slower.

1 person killed, 8 injured at GM plant explosion

An employee of a Pennsylvania firm was killed in work-related accident at a General Motors plant in the Midwest. The explosion, which occurred on July 1 at 1:50 p.m. in a factory in Indiana, also injured eight other people. Four of the injured people received non-life-threatening injuries. Four others were taken to the hospital but required no treatment and were released.

Pennsylvania court reverses mesothelioma judgment

A workers' compensation case has returned to trial court after a Pennsylvania appeals court reversed a summary judgment. After an electrical company employee filed suit for allegedly contracting mesothelioma on the job, the appeals court argued that the Workers' Compensation Act's 300 week rule did not apply to this particular disease.

Workers test positive for elevated radiation levels 

Pennsylvania workers may have noted news of radiation exposure at a radioactive waste disposal plant. A radiation leak at the underground nuclear waste dump in New Mexico on Feb. 14 has impacted 13 workers who have tested positive for radiation exposure at elevated levels. Increased radioactivity has also been detected just outside the plant, but it is not a threat to public safety, according to officials. The leak is the first such incident since the site began accepting nuclear waste from bomb-building facilities around the country about 15 years ago.

Pennsylvania factory explosion results in injuries, death

On Jan. 31, an explosion at a factory in St. Mary's resulted in the death of one individual and injuries to two others. The workplace injury incident occurred in the morning at a carbon and graphite manufacturing facility on Trout Run Road, and sources state that the explosion may have been caused by equipment used in the facility.

Employee injured in Pennsylvania plant accident

A 26-year-old man was injured while working at a Harrison Township, Pennsylvania, plant. The workplace injury occurred after a piece of equipment fell on top of the man while he was working.

Woman claims husband's brain disease caused by work conditions

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court decided to allow the lawsuit filed by the wife a former employee of Armstrong World Industries to move forward on Nov. 18. The lawsuit claims that the Lancaster man sustained a workplace injury by being exposed to chemicals that negatively impacted his brain.