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Construction Workers' Accidents Archives

Avoiding construction accidents

Pennsylvania businesses looking to prevent construction accidents may benefit from taking proactive steps to ensure workplace safety. There are nearly 150,000 injuries at construction sites each year. Businesses can help to mitigate the chance of injury by following five crucial steps.

How to limit common workplace accidents

Pennsylvania workers may be interested to learn that the five most common causes of workplace injuries are workers being struck by objects, falling to a lower level, falling on the same level, bodily reaction and overexertion, according to the 2012 Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index. Thousands of workers suffer workplace injuries every year, and the severity of such injuries can vary widely.

2 painters die following water tower accident

Two Ohio workers were painting a water tower in Reily Township when they fell to their death on Oct. 24. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, falls and slips accounted for 16 percent of the 4,405 fatal work injuries that occurred in 2013. In Pennsylvania alone, falls, slips, and trips killed 25 workers.

Worker electrocuted preparing for home roof repair job

One Pennsylvania worker was fatally electrocuted and another injured in a roofing accident that occurred at about 9 a.m. on Sept. 26 in Havertown. The men were employed by a Springfield roofing company to work on a house project on Winton Street.

Who may be liable for a construction injury?

Construction work remains among the most dangerous occupations, in Pennsylvania and across the U.S., and injured workers often have questions regarding which persons or entities may have liability for their injuries. As a general rule, liability depends on a party's control over the work being performed at the time of injury and over the premises where the work is being done.

Pennsylvania's higher speed limits worry construction workers

With the state of Pennsylvania set to increase the speed limit on a number of highways, construction workers are beginning to express concerns for their safety. On some of the state's interstate highways, Pennsylvania plans to raise the speed limit to 70 mph. The state also plans to increase some work zone speed limits to 55 mph.

Scaffolding collapse injures 5 roofers

Authorities said that a scaffolding accident at a warehouse in the Pennsylvania township of East Deer left five workers with injuries. The June 16 workplace incident reportedly occurred at about 9:30 a.m. at a self-storage facility on Treadway Lane, where workers from a roofing company were replacing the facility's roof.

Injured Pennsylvania worker settles lawsuit for $16.3 million

A construction worker suffered serious injuries on the job when a slab weighing 3,000 pounds fell on him. On May 28, the worker settled his workplace injury lawsuit against the general contractor responsible for the site and three other defendants for $16.3 million.

Pennsylvania construction worker dies in accident

A man who was working at a construction site in Somerset County lost his life on May 5. The workplace injury occurred after a concrete barrier fell on him.

Construction worker in Pennsylvania hospitalized

A construction worker involved in a central Pennsylvania construction project was airlifted to a hospital after a piece of construction equipment fell on top of him on the morning of Oct. 10. According to Susquehanna Township fire officials, the man had been working on a bridge construction project when a 36,000-pound trackhoe excavator fell on him.