A Skilled Reckless Driving Defense Lawyer in Hazleton

If you have been cited with reckless driving, do not dismiss it in your mind as "just another traffic ticket." Perhaps you have had a traffic ticket or two in the past such as a speeding ticket or a citation for running a stop sign. Perhaps you paid those tickets and thought that the matter was over with. A reckless driving citation is a major violation, and your legal situation is much more serious than in the case of a relatively minor speeding ticket.

Consequences of a Conviction Are Harsh

If you are convicted after being cited with reckless driving, you will be subject to a driver's license suspension of six months in addition to paying a fine. If you have been convicted of three major violations, your driving privileges may be revoked for five years. Even if the reckless driving citation that you just received is your first one, you should treat it seriously and take every step you can to defend yourself.


Reckless driving under Pennsylvania laws is defined as "willful or wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property." An aggressive defense attorney may challenge the prosecutor and make it difficult for the state to prove these charges against you.

Our Experience Defending Drivers Charged With Major Violations

At Laputka, Bayless, Ecker & Cohn, PC, we have a great deal of experience defending drivers who have been charged with major traffic violations such as reckless driving. Criminal defense lawyer Bruce Miller handles cases involving charges of driving under the influence of alcohol ( DUI). The specifics of your case will help determine the best path forward after a DUI arrest or a reckless driving citation.

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