Hazleton Assault Defense Lawyer

Experienced Representation for People Accused of Violent Crimes

Police are trained to take assault charges seriously and give the benefit of the doubt to the alleged victim. If you are the one who stands accused, you need a strong advocate to make sure your side of the story is heard.

The Hazleton-based law firm of Laputka, Bayless, Ecker & Cohn, PC, provides aggressive representation if you are charged with assault and battery, including allegations of domestic violence. We practice in criminal courts throughout northeastern Pennsylvania, including Luzerne, Schuylkill, Carbon, Lackawanna, Monroe, Montour and Columbia counties.

Assault and Battery Charges in Northeastern Pennsylvania

Assault and battery is a misdemeanor, but the consequences can be serious and long-lasting. Any such conviction can have a drastic effect on current or future employment, your professional license or security clearance. A domestic assault can have ramifications for divorce or child custody proceedings. A felony assault charge can result in prison time plus prohibitions on possessing firearms, even for hunting.

  • Assault can refer to punching, kicking, slapping, shoving or grabbing. It can also apply to verbal threats, menacing gestures or angry shouting without any physical contact.
  • Assault and battery refers to actual contact, usually with some lasting harm such as bruises or a black eye.
  • Domestic assault refers to a spouse, partner or family member.
  • Aggravated assault (a felony) refers to use of a weapon or serious bodily injury.

Work With a Proven Criminal Defense Lawyer Who Will Look at Every Angle

Attorney Bruce S. Miller has practiced in criminal defense for 40 years, including 17 years as a Luzerne County public defender. He knows how to counter the prosecution's version of events and exhaust your legal defenses. Was it self-defense or defense of another person? Did the other party instigate or escalate the confrontation? Does the victim have a motivation to lie or exaggerate? Is a protective order against you really necessary?

We work to avoid jail time and a criminal record for assault and battery. Sometimes we can get charges reduced to disorderly conduct or enable clients to avoid an assault conviction through a deferred adjudication. Other times it is necessary to fight the allegations at trial.

We understand what's at stake for you. Find out where you stand and how we can help in a prompt, free consultation with Hazleton assault charge defense attorney Bruce Miller. Simply send an email or call 570-861-5905.