Aggravated Assault

Anytime a criminal offense is labeled "aggravated," this means it is considered a more serious crime than an offense without that label. Assault is called "aggravated" in Pennsylvania laws under situations including the following:

  • "Knowingly or recklessly" causing serious bodily injury to someone else "manifesting extreme indifference to the value of human life"
  • Attempting to cause or "intentionally, knowingly or recklessly" causing serious bodily injury to "officers" or "agents" (such as police or security guards) teachers or other people engaged in certain public roles
  • Attempting to cause or causing bodily harm "with a deadly weapon"
  • Using tear gas or noxious gas against police officers or certain other types of employees

This list is simplified and abbreviated. To determine whether your assault charges rightfully qualify for "aggravated" assault charges, contact a defense attorney at Laputka, Bayless, Ecker & Cohn, PC, in Hazleton. Aggravated assault attorneys are prepared to evaluate your case and help strategize the most effective route to the strongest defense achievable, taking into account all known facts, including any previous criminal record that you have and any mitigating factors such as self-defense.

Consequences of a Conviction on Charges of Aggravated Assault

If you are convicted of aggravated assault in Pennsylvania, your punishment could fall under one of these categories, depending on particular aspects of the alleged crime:

  • Second-degree felony, up to 10 years in prison
  • First-degree felony, up to 20 years in prison

At Laputka, Bayless, Ecker & Cohn, PC, we have successfully defended many clients who had been charged with serious crimes such as aggravated assault. Criminal defense lawyer Bruce Miller is prepared to review the specifics of your case and give you a good idea of a probable "best attainable result." Remember that no defense attorney can promise a particular outcome. However, our years of experience are a valuable asset as you prepare to make all-important decisions in response to charges of aggravated assault.

Contact a Pennsylvania Assault Attorney

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